Em’s Partners with Neill, Cropper & Company

Em’s Partners with Neill, Cropper & Company

Starting 1 Feb, 2020 we are very happy to begin our sales and distribution partnership with Neill, Cropper, & Company for all our New Zealand customers.

Neill, Cropper & Co. are a leading New Zealand distributor and brand ambassador of food and beverage products. You may be familiar with Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, who are one of their key brands. They were founded in 1917 and have continued to grow through their long standing partnerships with suppliers of high-quality products.

This move for Em’s Power Cookies is significant, and not something that was decided hastily, in fact we have taken a year to make sure that we have the right fit together.

The most important thing for me, was that we had Values that were aligned. One of the biggest lessons that I have learned is that relationships are everything when it comes to business (and this applies to life in general as well!).

There are several other good reasons for Em’s to partner with NCC:

  • NCC is a long-established company with respected reputation
  • Enables Em’s Power Cookies leverage in the market that we have never had before
  • More efficient business and distribution model enabling me to focus on marketing and products
  • Consistent pricing across market channels ensures fairness
  • Great in-store support and representation in the market
  • Comprehensive and consistent distribution across NZ
  • Quality company representing quality products

Em’s Power Cookies has been operating since early 2004. It has been a great journey from very humble beginnings, challenges and steep learning curves, to becoming my dream of being a nationally prominent and successful brand.

For any sales enquiries please contact Neill, Cropper & Company:

Phone:   09 579 0963

Email:     sales@neillcropper.com


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