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Emily grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada with a background in running, and making energising “power cookies” that she needed as a sporty kid.

She attended Mankato State University in MN to study Dietetics and ran on a track/cc scholarship. From there, she completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetic internship at the University of Central OK.

Emily worked as a Registered Dietitian in Eugene, OR and got into mountain adventures and multisport. She travelled around the world from 2002-2004 and started adventure racing which led her to NZ to race the Coast to Coast Longest Day. Her first experience at the event in 2004 was harrowing, with 2/3 of the field unable to get through the course due to flooding rivers or hypothermia. Only 3 women finished the race that year; Emily came 3rd and she was hooked.

Through C2C, Emily discovered that her “power cookies” were the perfect fuel for this type of racing. She wanted to share them and inspire people to make healthy food choices so started Em’s Power Cookies as a business.

Emily continued racing The Longest Day, and won the event 3 times. She retired from competitive sport in 2011. Success in racing helped to show that Em’s Power Cookies worked for sport, and this helped build brand credibility and trust.

Em’s Power Cookies makes a range of nutritious and delicious Cookies, Bars, Power Bites and we are very proud to be the first company in NZ to sell Hemp Protein Cookies.

Emily Miazga, M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and 3x Coast to Coast World Multisport Champion

Emily Miazga

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