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I grew up in Canada and loved making healthy and energising cookies that I needed as a sporty kid. I used to bake them for friends, teachers, and later on my colleagues when I became a Dietitian. They would always say my cookies were so good I should sell them! In the back of my mind I always wanted to start my own business…

The opportunity came when I raced the Coast to Coast in 2004 and discovered my cookies were perfect for it. And they sure were; I went on to win it 3x! And so Em’s Power Cookies was born.

We make a range of nutritious and delicious Cookies, Bars, Power Bites and we are very proud to be the first company in NZ to sell Hemp Protein Cookies!

Emily Miazga, M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and 3 x Coast to Coast World Multisport Champion

“I believe that my Power Cookies were the secret weapon that got me across the finish line first. This inspired me to combine my nutrition and sports expertise to share my Power Cookie passion with the world. Em’s Power Cookies are The Original Sports Cookie, helping you #unleashyourpower since 2004.”

Emily Miazga


Our Mission is to unleash the power of active people by providing nutritious, delicious and energising snacks.

Our Vision is to inspire and empower people to make conscious food choices.

Our Products

Nutritious and delicious energy snacks.

We have a range of Em’s Power Cookies products to suit our various customers’ needs:

  • Original Sports Cookie and Bars are designed for sports nutrition fueling #powerupyouradventures
  • Power Bites are ideal for the lunchbox, sporty kids, the office desk, and on-the-go munching #powerupyourday
  • Hemp Protein Cookies for those wanting a protein boost that is vegan, no added cane sugar and made with sustainably-sourced NZ hemp protein #powerupyourpurpose

All of our products were designed in Em’s kitchen, by Em, not in a science lab or marketing company. Em has always used real-food ingredients that you can find in most household pantries, and that is why our products are so good. They contain a balance of low GI rolled oats and dried fruits, coupled with healthy fats from nuts or sunflower oil. We don’t use any protein powders from soy or whey. And no added preservatives, just natural, real-food ingredients you can trust. The added sugars come from brown sugar, rice syrup, date syrup or honey, and are necessary for 4 reasons: taste, texture, energy, and digestibility. This is particularly important for sports nutrition because it is crucial that products can be eaten easily, and provide energy while not upsetting the tummy. We have a long history of fueling top athletes, including Em, and are really confident our products are the best energy bars in the world.


Energy from snack products should be sustaining, so we use low GI ingredients you can trust, such as rolled oats, for slow-burning fuel and energy that lasts.


We don’t use any protein powders from soy or whey. Our protein sources come from rolled oats, nuts and sustainably-sourced NZ hemp protein.


Low GI oats, dried fruits, and sugars from brown sugar, rice syrup, date syrup or honey. The sugars are vital for taste, texture, energy, and digestibility.


Healthy and natural – nuts, coconut, and sunflower oil. Absolutely no palm oil.

EM'S power cookies

Cookies, bars and bites that deliver nutritious sustenance and energy to go
Unleash Your Power®!

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